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A list of quotes I made ... [01 Apr 2004|01:26am]

enjoy or don't ...

Layeth the Smacketh Down

[29 Apr 2002|03:25am]

No one ever posts here anymore, but I will.


...thank you...
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[26 Feb 2002|08:13am]

Ok that 747 remark last night was *SO* not cool! lol who saw fear factor? I almost threw up! I can't believe Jackie quit like that!
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[25 Feb 2002|09:48pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

ok.. so am i the only *froot loop* who has it bad for the Undertaker?!

oh yeah.. i posted.. who's shocked?! rofl.

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[22 Feb 2002|11:27am]

Hey this is kinkybytch69 just wanted to let you guys know I have a new name.
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Egomania! [22 Feb 2002|08:48am]

Y2J and Stephanie....ya know I predicted this a looong time ago...lets just hope they can fit through the door what with their big heads and all!
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WM is gonna be history in the making! [21 Feb 2002|10:22am]

Hogan and Rock I still can't believe it....anyway this community is about love too, so I think I should tell ya'll I got a BF :) and I'm quit happy, He's hot *and* he loves wrestling....SCORE
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[19 Feb 2002|02:52pm]

OMG can you *believe* it Hogan vs Rock Old school vs New school! This is history! But what about what happened to Rocky! I couldn't believe it! This should get interesting!
If you're interestedCollapse )
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What's up with that!? [18 Feb 2002|06:09pm]

No Way Out rocked last night! I think at Wrestlemania it's going to be rock/austin/HHH vs NWO
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NWO [17 Feb 2002|09:06pm]

Rock is SO gonna kick butt tonight!
I love him!! no one can beat me at rock trivia!....ok there's probably someone who can but I'm real good at it!!
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::waves:: [16 Feb 2002|12:43pm]

OMG Hi I'm new. I am a HUGE wrestling fan, I've been watching since I was like a little girl. I one of The Rock's biggest fan, and I'm a hopeless romantic, so this is a perfect community for me :)
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Tickets! [17 Jan 2002|11:57am]

[ mood | anxious ]

yup, about time, i missed the WWF when they were up in St. Louis a while back, but they are out here again, tickets are $49 a pop, but military discount gets me $10 off each ticket.

yeah buddy, think i will be bringing the digi cam with me

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[27 Dec 2001|03:29pm]

I kinda missed Putting The Smack Down last week, but I plan on watching Smackdown when it airs (as opposed to taping it and getting to it whenever)...
so hopefully I'll write it sometime tomorrow. Cheers.
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Put the Smack Down SmackDown thing [17 Dec 2001|08:48pm]

[ mood | need chocolate ]

This more than likely stinks, and makes no sense at all if you haven't seen Smackdown for Thursday the 13th. I didn't get the final match in, due to being lazy, having finals and things to do, and generally underestimating the effort required for something like this.
But, it won't be long before this becomes irrelevant, so I'll throw it out there. Feel free to criticize, the next "put the smack down" will be much better than this. I hope.
That said, enjoy 'Put the Smack Down" This community will never, eeever, be the same ;).
Smackdown...with Michael "crackhead" Cole and Jerry the Pervert Lawler
Why did they change Angles music? I do like Regals music. Its Regal Angel vs Edge and Rikishi. Edge needs new music, badly. How clever, Angle had the brass knuckles.
Not the greatest match, but decent.
man did Angle drop like a rock after being hit with the knuckles, or what? I wonder how
much Regal makes to deal with either having to kiss an ass or having on ground into his
face. xp. That steel chair had to hurt...that blood looked bright ass red to me.
I hate to admit it, but Jerry has a point. Whats different between using knuckles or a steel chair?
Knuckles are old school cool, methinks.
Glad to see Booker on TV. 5-Time! 5-Time! Though there really isn't a WCW title
anymore...oh well. I loved that line.
Flair rules. Flair/Vince really amuses me. Woo.
Ever wonder how much make-up Lita wears?
Jeff. No more see-through shirts for you.
Booker looked good in that jacket.
In a perfect world, Lawler would be fired for harassment. And its ASS Cole, its ASS! I
stopped using the word Butt when I was barely a teenager!
Crash and Tajiri were great. Though the way Tj was bouncing back and forth while
pinning Crash, along with the smile on his face, made me think something else.
The Hurricane rules. Yes Vince, "Whats up with that?" indeed.
Poor Storm, Flair won't rehire him. Well, if he can win tonight he will. The opponent?
Well, Kane. Cripes. I'm betting Vince will hire him to piss Ric off.
Tell me he did not just **** with SCSAs food. Tell me he did not just do that.
Test/Jeff. Give it to Earl, test. Teach his ass. Whoops. You can't stop the Rock yet, guy.
Didn't Stone Cold remind you of Bruce Willis in 12 monkeys when he was in that fireman
suit? How cool must it have been to have had an aisle seat when he was chasing
Bookerman to the Limo? Loved that segment.
WTF Flair? Storm kicks ass. Kanes just too big for him to beat (heh). Vince, piss Ric off,
hire him back! And while you're at it, get a decent announcing team and book Kane into
an angel. Well, I'll settle for a direction for Kane.
Keep practicing on the mike, Matt. That wacky APA. Natural redheads rule.
So does HHH. Game Over
Ug, can we go without 6 man tags? Oh, right, there is no more tag division...Christian
rules, do something with him. Have him pee in some ones drink. Look where Jericho is now.
2 cool is too old. How does it feel Jerry, that used to be your son tagging with him. Tazz,
will always love his theme. Perfect example of wasted talent. As in, talent the WWF is wasting. Amongst others. At least we get to see Stacy.
Her face is so expressive. Not in the Silent Bob area of expressiveness, but very good.
JERRY SHUT UP! People actually like his style? I guess its back to hoping my mother
doesn't decide to visit during smackdown, listening to him is embarrassing, yo.
Tazz with the Tazzmission. Over Christian. For the W. Now Tazz/Christian. That could
be fun, meaning it won't happen or it will and it'll be a short thing. Hell, if it was done
properly, he and Edge could still be going at it. Oh well.
I read in the wwf community someone took issue with being able to hear the other people talking to his cell over the pa. Gee, I guess we shouldn't be able to see Booker and Austin at the Leap Frog later, its not in the arena, right? Magic.
Matt/Bradshaw was entertaining.
Green frog. Sorry. I'm a sucka!.
mm, Lucky Charms. Beefaroni too. Wouldn't mind those things right now. Vince mad.
"What? Woo...."
Comic gold.
Oooooooooh my god....words cannot describe how funny Austin trashing Booker (and
the produce department and the rest of the store) around the Green Frog was. I'm not
taping over this smackdown next week solely to keep this segment (then again I said the
same thing about a smackdown where Beniot and Austin had a great match...man, I miss
Benoit too. Liked him since he was a heel. )....
No Jerry, not the Produce section. That was especially funny, since that is where I work.
Produce at stop and shop. Price check on Jack-ass...
You want some oranges, sucka?
How these two kept from laughing. Vince and Ric added to the humor as well.
"thats amoooooreeeee...~wham~"
"I hope you appreciate these Booker, they were hard to come by"
Austin. Fresh from your grocers dairy case. Got Austin?
Hm, whoever was at that register is a cutie.
I think Vince and Book were the only 2 who didn't enjoy that.

Not the best, but I tried. Back next week, though maybe *I* should put the smack down for a while before I try doing this again.

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*jumps up and down* [06 Dec 2001|06:04pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

ok.. so this doesnt involve wrestling.. sue me =]

Joy joined!!!

welcome girly! its about time... =]

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A Touch of Sweetness (12/05/01) [05 Dec 2001|01:29pm]


Welcome one and all to the very first edition of "A Touch of Sweetness" here in the great community of *gives thumbs up* HARDCORELOVERS!!

Firstly I have got to say, if anyone you have UPN, watch Smackdown! It's going to have a damn good segment, remember Vince and Angle lost that tag match so some ass kissing is going to take place. Trust me you will enjoy I, I know if I had UPN I would certainly enjoy it.

Now moving on to some RAW stuff. I couldn't tell you much about the opening segment cuz I kinda fell asleep, but woke up just as it was finnishing.

I just have to say, Kurt Angle has a great character. I know many of you don't look at Kurt Angle as your Olympic Hero like I do, but you can't deny that he is good with his character. I mean he is so stupid, and says some of the most stupid things, and it's absolutely great!

I am a little dissapointed in the WWF with the whole teaming of Albert and Scotty 2 Hotty. Albert can be so much more than a tag team wrestler, especially with a mediocre partner like Scotty. I mean Albert is one of the biggest men the WWF has and they stick him in the Tag division? I mean hell this guy can gorilla press Kane for christ's sake. I know that there is somewhat of a lack of tag teams in the WWF at the moment, but Albert is not a guy that you want to get lost in the mix of tag team wrestlers, I mean look what it did to the career of Billy Gunn.

Christian is another guy with a great character. I am not even a huge fan of Christian, but I like his mic work. He is funny and makes some good promo's. You just gotta love a guy who acts like those dumb cocky jocks in High School.

Damn...Is The Rock lucky or what? Not only is he the World Champion, has a great looking wife, a next big action star, but he got to kiss that Canadian Candy, Trish Stratus. I gurantee the Rock got some 'Stratusfaction' out of that, and I wouldn't be suprised if the The Peoples Strudel started to warm up a bit, because hell I know I know I would be thinking about eating a slice of Trish's homemade pie. But moving on...

Does the APA really ever wrestle anymore? It's like they just sit in the back and drink beer all the time, never wrestling, just doing little vignettes. This is a team that should be used more often.

Does anyone else think Matt Hardy is a dick? I don't really like either Hardy, but I so wanna see Jeff beat the hell out of him at the PPV, even if Jeff doesn't exactly drive on the right side of the road...if you know what I mean.

I must say I got a kick out of seeing Booker T steal Austin's truck. I guess he learned that back in the days when he grew up in Harlem....oh wait that's right, he's from Houston not Harlem, I can see how they can get the two mixed up. See this is one thing that pisses me off royally. It makes wrestling look stupid when The Taker for 10 years has hailed from Death Valley, then all of a sudden he is from Houston? I mean I understand it fits the character and all but it also makes it look really silly. Like how Kane was from parts unknown? Well, if he is The Undertaker's brother wouldn't he be from the same place as the Undertaker? Just a thought...

You gotta love Flair, I mean you really do. This guy is great, he is like what, 14 time World Champion? I expect to see some good things with the likes of the super faces, being Ric Flair, Stone Cold, and The Rock. Should make for some great tv.

Ok, what the hell was Tazz staring at the majority of his little segment? Was their something on the floor? I don't have any idea. I suppose he was suppose to be looking down at Regal, but it just looked stupid. I am a huge Taz (yes Taz not Tazz, the old skool taz didn't suck like the WWF is making this one suck.), but this just made him look like a freaking retard.

On a small not, Edge totally reeks of awesomeness

There was another one of those WWF "Desire" promo's again with the Creed music, this time with Austin. I enjoy these things, they let me relive some great wrestling moments. I am hoping to see more soon.

Now enough with the RAW information, there have been rumors flying around about 2 separate divisions in the WWF. I read this off of www.TPWW.com :

-- Plans are set and it looks as if January 7th will be the date we see the change of the WWF separating into two different promotions when the WWF sets up a draft-like scenerio.

The way the WWF looks to go about this is they will create two "divisions" which will be given it's own name. No details have been released concerning the names of each of the divisions but it is going to be very similar to the NFL (National Football League) with them having the NFC and the AFC. Plans look to have one half of the roster exclusively on RAW every Monday night and the other half of the roster exclusively on SmackDown! every Thursday night. The WWF has no plans on using the wCw brand name in this upcoming change and each division will be simply labeled as the "WWF". However, the only question that remains is if one of the two divisions will be the weaker one than the other. Sources are saying that Vince McMahon has no intent of setting up one division as being labeled "the weaker one" than the other. What the WWF plans on doing is placing Stone Cold Steve Austin in one division and The Rock in the other allowing both to be the top babyfaces in each of there selected division.
Once this plan goes into effect, Linda McMahon has stated that each individual division will have it's own Pay Per View each month starting after WrestleMania. So where does this leave House Shows? Many thought the WWF would send there "A" roster to a larger market while sending there "B" roster to a smaller market. That doesn't look to be the case because Vince McMahon wants to have the two divisions be separate yet equal at the same time. However, any wrestlers you see exclusively on RAW or exclusively on SmackDown! will not wrestle against each other at the House Shows. Questions concerning the WWF Title and the World Title have come up but not many details are known at this time. We hope to provide more on this very big story in the coming weeks.

FULL Credit: Wade Keller @ PWTorch.com --

Sounds very interesting to me, but at the same time very disappointing. Not only can I not watch Pay Per View's anymore because of the Direct TV deal, but now I only get to watch half of the WWF a week because I don't get Smackdown? This sucks hardcore! I only get to watch either the Rock of Austin? Only Triple H or Jericho? I would go mad, stark raving mad! Bit by bit the WWF is going to be losing fans. Not to mention that around this time is when the WWF is suppose to pick up the big three. The big three being, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Scott Steiner. So there is a good chance I will never see this guys again and it is upsetting to me.

Now speaking of WWF new recruits, the WWF is going to be making rosters cuts in early January, around the 2nd I believe. This is to free up money to get the big three an to try to lure Goldberg in as well. Other names have been thrown up in the air as well, such as Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Gurrera, Jeff Jarett, as well as a couple of others. This is looking great for the WWF because these are definitely some great guys to have on your roster.

Well that about wraps up this edition, I hope you all enjoyed it. There should be another up around this time next week. Also, I will try to add a little "Question and Answer' section to this as well, so send me in any questions you have and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Also if you have any feedback you can email me at kylo420@hotmail.com or you can simply reply to this post. Until next time, I'm out.
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[30 Nov 2001|12:44pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i watched SmackDown last night..
the closes i've come to wrestling in quite some time..

arent you guys proud of me?! =]

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Mmmmm...column...aghhh *think homer* [28 Nov 2001|08:53am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I was sitting here thinking to myself, as I often do, when I asked myself something. I said "Marq Daddy", cuz that's what I call myself, anyways I said "Marq Daddy, what if you wrote a weekly column type thing for the hardcorelovers community?" Then I answered, "You know Marq Daddy, that is a great idea, I will have to run that by some people first though." To which I replied "Awesome, as soon as you find out something, let me know." So anyways, what I am getting at is if it is cool with Holly, Aaron, and the good people here at *gives thumbs up* HARDCORELOVERS *cheap pop*, I would like to do something to the effect of a wrestling like column. I am not a columnist by any means, but I do love writing and wrestling is something I know quite a bit about, but I have no idea of a column topic. So if its all good with everyone and I can do it, sweet ass. So what I would like some of you fine people to do is hit me back with a reply with some column suggestions or something. So until next hurri-venture, I'm out.

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Got to keep them separated !! [27 Nov 2001|01:04am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Well well , Raw actual was funny and pleasing tonight , for once i didnt switch over to Monday Night Football most of the time. Almost all of the matches were solid matches and had a lot of good angles, lets start off with the match i saw first

RVD vs Devon Dudley
What can i say RVD is the best talent the WWF has ( besides the ROCK and Edge ;) but putting him againts Devon was kinda weak , but it was a great mathc just cause of * does finger thing * R V D !!

The pee skit haha
I have never seen anything so funny in my life , everybody at the urinals and then the Big Show walks in and whips it out and the expresson Regal gives is worth an Emmy, i guess that shirt of the Big Shows "Big all Over " really does fit hahaha, and then the best part Devon storms in after his loss and Regal turns and wizzes all over Show hahahhahah , i ahvent laughed that hard on RAW since the Rock said " Well Kane since you like finding things , and Beniot you like prooving things , then Kane how about you find Beniots shrivled little wolverine testicles and proove once and for all that he is a man " not that is a classic , of course Regals pee did look like green pea soup , but it was still a classic

Bra and Panties match *drools*
one word *HARDON* or is that 2 ?? well anyways , this was just to hot , the two hottest women in wrestling and they are humping and bumping their sweaty bodies all over each other *has pleasure overload* and it didnt help that mark on the phone kept telling me she was only 20 and that she was only a virgin last year !! thanks mark you made it worse, but still very very very hot hehe.

Edge vs Test
For one we have seen this one way to many times and for another Edge is wasy beyond Test in every catagory ,boring match.

Rock, Kane vs Jericho, Angle
Well Flair suprised me and mark by calling out Kane we thought it would be Austin but this match was very boring and i knew Rock would win no doubt , and i hate the new Jericho Y-2Gay ,he is acting like a spoiled little brat damn blondes !!

The Vince Mcmahon Kiss my Ass Club
I dont thingk anybody think Austin would kiss Mcmahon's ass , it was funny to see Austin take Mcmahon to the wood shed very funny, but then it went down hill , i feel very bad for JR , tating Vinny ass , and the whole Undertaker thing is stupid , Taker i guess is taking orders from Vinny Mac , i thought he was a badass , but he is nothing more than a kiss ass well look for Austin to get some revenge for JR , well that is it for my report , later to my millions of fans.

RAW score:8
Reason: very good matches , very funny skits, but some weak spots


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RAW is Bore? Not this time baby! [27 Nov 2001|12:38am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

RAW Mania

Ok first off I must comment on the insane amount of commercials I saw for the Gameboy Advanced and Metal Gear Solid 2 and it got immensely annoying. Yet this RAW in my books scored big with an 8 out of 10. I must start off by first say that the addition of Ric Flair (Whooooooooooo) to the WWF, even though not so much on this episode, was a GREAT move. I look at the RAW's since the extinction of the original WCW and they were pretty much crap, then I look at the two RAW's since Flair's arrival and they have been a far step above the rest. I won't contribute this to just Flair but to the WWF as a whole, they have finally got the ball rolling and we are seeing the WWF product that we use to love. Over the past week, be it scantily clad or not, we have seen a 'Gravy Bowl' match and a 'Bra & Panties' match which is reminissant of the days of ol'.

Now as a 'smart mark' if you will, I know that there is still a wCw and what-not, and I know that when the roster cuts come that many will get cut along with some WWF guys. I am also very confused on what the future of the wCw is because I don't know if they will be back or have their own show or anything, what I do know though is that the WWF and Vince McMahon aren't going to let guys like Booker T, Lance Storm, Billy Kidman, and The Hurricane (as well as others) because they are good talents and can get over with the fans. Will they make RAW appearances like Lance and Booker did tonight? Anyone have any idea what the deal was with the Booker T interference? I am clueless as to why that happened, but hopefully a good angle is under way.

The matches tonight weren't great, but they weren't bad either. The main event, however, could have been much better. When Flair first announced that Kane would be The Rock's partner I was like 'wtf?', but then I got to thinking about it and it wasn't such a bad idea, angle wise. I remembered what Y2J (Y2Gay) did to Kane last week, so even though I don't like how Kane works with smaller wrestlers, as his style just doesn't let him work well, for angle purposes it was a good move.

Does anyone else smell a Hardy Boyz break up? The WWF have been flirting with it through-out the year, as they did with the team of Edge & Christian, and I think that the time has finally come. I believe its time to branch out the team into singles matches and bring in some wCw guy to compete in the tag team ranks, as well as the new team of Gunn & Palumbo. The Dudley's are probably the only team that I couldn't possibly see the WWF ever breaking up, it just wouldn't work, but I am all for the breaking up of the Hardy's.

I am liking these WWF video's they have been showing as of late. Last week it was Taker and this week it was Edge, although I believe they could pick much better music, but then again I am anti-Creed so...

I must say I was rather amused by The Rock's little segment tonight. It was really funny and, again, reminded me of old school WWF Attitude. But when it comes to funny tonight, I must say the the Regal/Big Show segment was by far the funniest. Although the 'Regal Juice' if you will, looked kinda green. I just thought that the whole little vignette was histaricly funny.

So you want me to talk about the Austin segment now? ...What? I said do you want me to talk to about the Austin segment now? ...What? You want me to talk about it now? Lets see what my watch says. *puts watch to his ear* You lucked out, my watch says its time to talk about the final segment(s) on RAW. Did anyone honestly think Austin would kiss Vinces ass? Besides you, I know you thought it you dumbass, *points at you* hey no not you the guy behind you, yeah him... The segment was pretty funny, but I knew what was going to happen so it was no suprise here. Also there was no suprise when Taker came out and made his heel turn. In no way was it a bad segment, because I thought it was good, but after watching wrestling and studying it as much as I have I knew what was going to happen, but poor JR. In his home town and he had a mouthfull of Vinny ass.

So all and all I will give this RAW a very respectable 8, and I look for better things for the WWF real soon, and hope Vince stops being satan and makes a deal with Direct Tv so I can watch some damn Pay Per Views. So until next time, drink your milk, say your prayers, and take your viatamins or Marqamania will run wild on you!
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