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Got to keep them separated !!

Well well , Raw actual was funny and pleasing tonight , for once i didnt switch over to Monday Night Football most of the time. Almost all of the matches were solid matches and had a lot of good angles, lets start off with the match i saw first

RVD vs Devon Dudley
What can i say RVD is the best talent the WWF has ( besides the ROCK and Edge ;) but putting him againts Devon was kinda weak , but it was a great mathc just cause of * does finger thing * R V D !!

The pee skit haha
I have never seen anything so funny in my life , everybody at the urinals and then the Big Show walks in and whips it out and the expresson Regal gives is worth an Emmy, i guess that shirt of the Big Shows "Big all Over " really does fit hahaha, and then the best part Devon storms in after his loss and Regal turns and wizzes all over Show hahahhahah , i ahvent laughed that hard on RAW since the Rock said " Well Kane since you like finding things , and Beniot you like prooving things , then Kane how about you find Beniots shrivled little wolverine testicles and proove once and for all that he is a man " not that is a classic , of course Regals pee did look like green pea soup , but it was still a classic

Bra and Panties match *drools*
one word *HARDON* or is that 2 ?? well anyways , this was just to hot , the two hottest women in wrestling and they are humping and bumping their sweaty bodies all over each other *has pleasure overload* and it didnt help that mark on the phone kept telling me she was only 20 and that she was only a virgin last year !! thanks mark you made it worse, but still very very very hot hehe.

Edge vs Test
For one we have seen this one way to many times and for another Edge is wasy beyond Test in every catagory ,boring match.

Rock, Kane vs Jericho, Angle
Well Flair suprised me and mark by calling out Kane we thought it would be Austin but this match was very boring and i knew Rock would win no doubt , and i hate the new Jericho Y-2Gay ,he is acting like a spoiled little brat damn blondes !!

The Vince Mcmahon Kiss my Ass Club
I dont thingk anybody think Austin would kiss Mcmahon's ass , it was funny to see Austin take Mcmahon to the wood shed very funny, but then it went down hill , i feel very bad for JR , tating Vinny ass , and the whole Undertaker thing is stupid , Taker i guess is taking orders from Vinny Mac , i thought he was a badass , but he is nothing more than a kiss ass well look for Austin to get some revenge for JR , well that is it for my report , later to my millions of fans.

RAW score:8
Reason: very good matches , very funny skits, but some weak spots

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