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Mmmmm...column...aghhh *think homer*

I was sitting here thinking to myself, as I often do, when I asked myself something. I said "Marq Daddy", cuz that's what I call myself, anyways I said "Marq Daddy, what if you wrote a weekly column type thing for the hardcorelovers community?" Then I answered, "You know Marq Daddy, that is a great idea, I will have to run that by some people first though." To which I replied "Awesome, as soon as you find out something, let me know." So anyways, what I am getting at is if it is cool with Holly, Aaron, and the good people here at *gives thumbs up* HARDCORELOVERS *cheap pop*, I would like to do something to the effect of a wrestling like column. I am not a columnist by any means, but I do love writing and wrestling is something I know quite a bit about, but I have no idea of a column topic. So if its all good with everyone and I can do it, sweet ass. So what I would like some of you fine people to do is hit me back with a reply with some column suggestions or something. So until next hurri-venture, I'm out.
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