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Put the Smack Down SmackDown thing

This more than likely stinks, and makes no sense at all if you haven't seen Smackdown for Thursday the 13th. I didn't get the final match in, due to being lazy, having finals and things to do, and generally underestimating the effort required for something like this.
But, it won't be long before this becomes irrelevant, so I'll throw it out there. Feel free to criticize, the next "put the smack down" will be much better than this. I hope.
That said, enjoy 'Put the Smack Down" This community will never, eeever, be the same ;).
Smackdown...with Michael "crackhead" Cole and Jerry the Pervert Lawler
Why did they change Angles music? I do like Regals music. Its Regal Angel vs Edge and Rikishi. Edge needs new music, badly. How clever, Angle had the brass knuckles.
Not the greatest match, but decent.
man did Angle drop like a rock after being hit with the knuckles, or what? I wonder how
much Regal makes to deal with either having to kiss an ass or having on ground into his
face. xp. That steel chair had to hurt...that blood looked bright ass red to me.
I hate to admit it, but Jerry has a point. Whats different between using knuckles or a steel chair?
Knuckles are old school cool, methinks.
Glad to see Booker on TV. 5-Time! 5-Time! Though there really isn't a WCW title
anymore...oh well. I loved that line.
Flair rules. Flair/Vince really amuses me. Woo.
Ever wonder how much make-up Lita wears?
Jeff. No more see-through shirts for you.
Booker looked good in that jacket.
In a perfect world, Lawler would be fired for harassment. And its ASS Cole, its ASS! I
stopped using the word Butt when I was barely a teenager!
Crash and Tajiri were great. Though the way Tj was bouncing back and forth while
pinning Crash, along with the smile on his face, made me think something else.
The Hurricane rules. Yes Vince, "Whats up with that?" indeed.
Poor Storm, Flair won't rehire him. Well, if he can win tonight he will. The opponent?
Well, Kane. Cripes. I'm betting Vince will hire him to piss Ric off.
Tell me he did not just **** with SCSAs food. Tell me he did not just do that.
Test/Jeff. Give it to Earl, test. Teach his ass. Whoops. You can't stop the Rock yet, guy.
Didn't Stone Cold remind you of Bruce Willis in 12 monkeys when he was in that fireman
suit? How cool must it have been to have had an aisle seat when he was chasing
Bookerman to the Limo? Loved that segment.
WTF Flair? Storm kicks ass. Kanes just too big for him to beat (heh). Vince, piss Ric off,
hire him back! And while you're at it, get a decent announcing team and book Kane into
an angel. Well, I'll settle for a direction for Kane.
Keep practicing on the mike, Matt. That wacky APA. Natural redheads rule.
So does HHH. Game Over
Ug, can we go without 6 man tags? Oh, right, there is no more tag division...Christian
rules, do something with him. Have him pee in some ones drink. Look where Jericho is now.
2 cool is too old. How does it feel Jerry, that used to be your son tagging with him. Tazz,
will always love his theme. Perfect example of wasted talent. As in, talent the WWF is wasting. Amongst others. At least we get to see Stacy.
Her face is so expressive. Not in the Silent Bob area of expressiveness, but very good.
JERRY SHUT UP! People actually like his style? I guess its back to hoping my mother
doesn't decide to visit during smackdown, listening to him is embarrassing, yo.
Tazz with the Tazzmission. Over Christian. For the W. Now Tazz/Christian. That could
be fun, meaning it won't happen or it will and it'll be a short thing. Hell, if it was done
properly, he and Edge could still be going at it. Oh well.
I read in the wwf community someone took issue with being able to hear the other people talking to his cell over the pa. Gee, I guess we shouldn't be able to see Booker and Austin at the Leap Frog later, its not in the arena, right? Magic.
Matt/Bradshaw was entertaining.
Green frog. Sorry. I'm a sucka!.
mm, Lucky Charms. Beefaroni too. Wouldn't mind those things right now. Vince mad.
"What? Woo...."
Comic gold.
Oooooooooh my god....words cannot describe how funny Austin trashing Booker (and
the produce department and the rest of the store) around the Green Frog was. I'm not
taping over this smackdown next week solely to keep this segment (then again I said the
same thing about a smackdown where Beniot and Austin had a great, I miss
Benoit too. Liked him since he was a heel. )....
No Jerry, not the Produce section. That was especially funny, since that is where I work.
Produce at stop and shop. Price check on Jack-ass...
You want some oranges, sucka?
How these two kept from laughing. Vince and Ric added to the humor as well.
"thats amoooooreeeee...~wham~"
"I hope you appreciate these Booker, they were hard to come by"
Austin. Fresh from your grocers dairy case. Got Austin?
Hm, whoever was at that register is a cutie.
I think Vince and Book were the only 2 who didn't enjoy that.

Not the best, but I tried. Back next week, though maybe *I* should put the smack down for a while before I try doing this again.
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